Porsche Classic Partner

Porsche South Bay is a Certified Porsche Classic Partner.

What does it mean to be a Porsche Certified Classic Partner?  

  • We are highly committed to prolonging the service life of your classic Porsche. At Porsche South Bay, you will find experts who combine service and advice with the relevant expertise and enthusiasm.
  • Being a Porsche Classic Partner also sets visual standards: a Classic Corner in the showroom of Porsche South Bay tells you at first glance that you and your classic car are at the right address.  We organize special Classic Events and keep you up to date on everything to do with Porsche Classic, such as new part editions, for example.
  • Flying the Porsche Classic flag up front lets you know that owners of Porsche classics have come to the right address, Porsche South Bay.
  • We also have the Classic Corner Information Center.  This features Porsche classics and genuine classic parts., along with Porsche Chrest production and technical literature.  You also have the opportunity to browse through model history and find out about the relationship between the brand values of tradition and innovation.
  • To guarantee the best possible standards of maintenance and repair, we have specialist knowledge, combined with the required special tools and model specific technical literature to keep your classic Porsche in tip top running shape.