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The Porsche South Bay Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!



Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan | Dealer Principal

Mike Sullivan is owner of the LAcarGUY family of dealerships, a group of 11 award-winning dealerships representing seven automotive brands. Mike began his automotive career in 1976 at his father’s VW dealership in Santa Monica, working his way up through the ranks to eventually lead the family business and expand it from 1 dealership to 11 dealerships. Being a 2016 Premier Porsche dealer means delivering the best possible experience for each customer and Mike is proud to maintain that title and to be a part of the Porsche family. November 2016 marked the grand opening of Porsche South Bay featuring an all new 17-car showroom facility in Hawthorne, right off the 405 freeway at Rosecrans.  Porsche South Bay also holds the title of one of the four Porsche Classic Partners in the United States, the first in California and the first west of the Rockies. Mike is extremely proud of this title and welcomes all Porsche enthusiasts to visit us at Porsche South Bay.

Jeff LaPlant

Jeff LaPlant | General Manager

Jeff started his first Porsche job at Park Porsche working for Senator John Campbell, a family store in 1981 as a trainee salesman. In 1985 Jeff was promoted to his first management job with Max Dial Porsche. Jeff has 35 years of Porsche sales and management experience and still enjoys serving his many customers from those early days. Jeff always wanted to stay with family owned dealerships and he began his career with Pacific Porsche (now Porsche South Bay) in October of 1999. Since 1984 Jeff has seen the changes within this amazing brand that he thought couldn't be topped and today is no different.


Bernie Clare

Bernie Clare | General Sales Manager

Bernie’s love affair with Porsche started in England as a kid in the early 80’s, when a family friend took him racing in a blood orange 911T through the British countryside. That ride changed his life, and catapulted him into being a lifelong Porsche enthusiast.

Since coming to the US in 1995, Bernie has shared his passion for impeccably crafted cars and puts his brand of classic integrity into every transaction.    

Bernie believes his first ride in the Porsche Mission E will be as exciting as his first ride in the 1970 911, and personally invites you in for the ride of your life. Mission E is the first generation fully electric powered Porsche, sub-eight-minute lap time on the Nürburgring and set to launch in 2019.


Carl Tofflemire

Carl Tofflemire | Director of Classic operations

Carl has been with the Porsche brand in Los Angeles since 1987 and with Porsche South Bay (formerly Pacific Porsche)  since January of 1999. An avid Porsche enthusiast, Carl has raced with the Porsche Owners Club since 2000 and has served as a member of the club's board of directors. He is also racing alongside Mike Sullivan in the  Pirelli Cup, an 18 race all Porsche series that runs across the US. You will not find another member of any local dealership team with more experience or enthusiasm for the Porsche brand than Carl.

Phone: 310.891.2110 • Email:

Mina Ibrahim

Mina Ibrahim | Sales Manager

Mina was one of Porsche South Bay's (formerly Pacific Porsche) senior salespeople and has a loyal following of Porsche fans. His ability to consistently exceed his clients' expectations and outgoing personality are what makes him an asset to Porsche South Bay. Mina has the experience and the outgoing personality that will make your Porsche puchase a pleasurable experience.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Eric Ancharoff

Eric Ancharoff | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Eric has been in the automotive industry since 1988 and has a wealth of experience. His passion for wanting the best allows Porsche South Bay to have the finest in pre-owned vehicles available for our clients. Eric was originally from New York and and has been in Southern Califronia for almost 30 years. While not at work, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and son. He also enjoys a round of golf here and there. Stop by and visit Eric at Porsche South Bay and come see the wonderful selection of vehicles we have.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Paul Boozer

Paul Boozer | Internet Sales Manager

Paul has been with the Porsche brand for 3 years  - he knows he has reached the pinnacle of sports cars. A  Houston native, he is very happy to call Manhattan Beach his home. He is a former college football player with a strong background in sales with over 15 years' experience in the auto industry. He is a proud father and loves spending quality time with his family. He pays very close attention to detail, customer concerns and plays no dealer games, you will have a very smooth experience dealing with Paul.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Lennie Yee

Lennie Yee | Parts Manager

With over 38 years Porsche experience , Lennie is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced parts managers in the U.S.  Porsche South Bay (formerly Pacific Porsche)  is very fortunate to have Lennie on the team.

Phone: 310.891.2130 • Email:

Jim Curtin

Jim Curtin | Service Manager

Jim has been in the auto service field since 1982. He's a Master Technician and shop foreman on multiple brands (Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Kia, GM, Isuzu, Subaru) Service Manager for multiple brands (Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Chevrolet) He's been with the LAcarGUY group for three and a half years and with Porsche for almost three years.

Phone: 310.891.2100 Ext. 4103 • Email:

Christopher Gibson

Christopher Gibson | Service Consultant

A member of Porsche South Bay's family (formerly Pacific Porsche) since 2011, Chris has over 26 years experience in the Automotive Industry. Born in Pittsburgh Pa. his love of Ice Hockey is surpassed only by his love of Motorsports, and that has him feeling right at home here at Porsche South Bay.

Phone: 310.891.2110 • Email:

Sarah Carbajal

Sarah Carbajal | Finance Manager


Sarah Carbajal has been part of the Porsche South Bay (formerly Pacific Porsche) team since 2011. She currently holds the position of Finance Manager, and has moved her way through the ranks to become an important part of the team at Porsche South Bay. Her warm smile is always inviting and she is happy to answer any of your concerns or questions. So come visit Sarah and the rest of the team at Porsche South Bay and see why they drive Porsche Passion!

Phone: 310.891.2191 • Email:

Inna Eng

Inna Eng | Finance Manager

Inna has been with the LA Car Guy group of dealerships for over 14 years. She began as a sales person and has worn many hats since including sales manager and finance manager. She brings a lot of knowledge and expertise to her current role of Finance Manager with Porsche South Bay. She is a Ukrainian transplant with a great accent who has a curious nature and loves chocolate is her kryptonite.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Cameron Morales

Cameron Morales | Classic Technician

Cameron Morales is a Porsche Classic service technician at Porsche South Bay.


Chris Kuznierek

Chris Kuznierek | Classic Technician

Chris Kuznierek is a Porsche Classic service technician at Porsche South Bay


Rick Gutierrez

Rick Gutierrez | Classic Advisor

Rick Gutierrez is a Porsche Classic service technician at Porsche South Bay


Josh Dodson

Josh Dodson | Classic Technician

Josh Dodson is a Porsche Classic service technician at Porsche South Bay.


Jose Bacio

Jose Bacio | Classic Parts Advisor

Jose Bacio is a Porsche Classic parts advisor at Porsche South Bay.


Steve Theil | Service Consultant


Jose Morales | Service Consultant


Mike Vand

Mike Vand | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Mike has been with Porsche South Bay since 2013 and the LA Car Guy group since 2010. He has years of experience from top brands including Audi, Mercedes and BMW. He has a wealth of knowledge of the automotive landscape for luxury vehicles and will be your point person for your product knowledge needs. He speaks Farsi, Spanish and English with enough fluency to give the experience you deserve! His hobbies include long distance road biking and cooking and he loves sharing recipes.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Ben Esfandi

Ben Esfandi | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Ben is a consummate professional with an easy going approach to luxury consultation. Formerly a brand ambassador for Audi for many years, he has a knowledge base both in the automotive space and beyond. Utilizing his natural curiosity, he gets to know his clients' wants & needs. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Farsi, spends his extra time painting, learning language and experiencing foods

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Manuela Rijkse

Manuela Rijkse | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Manuela is our German import straight from Stuttgart. She worked as an Automation Engineer for Mercedes and later for Porsche.  Manuela started her Porsche sales career 4 years ago in Colorado and joined our team in 2017. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for the brand is like a virus and affects you immediately when you start talking to her. Spotting Manuela in the Dealership is easy, just look for this great welcoming smile.

Besides selling the cars from her hometown, Manuela spends quality time with her husband sailing and searching for perfect boat in the future.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Darrin Ellis

Darrin Ellis | Porsche Brand Ambassador

A true California native, Darrin was born and raised in Santa Barbara and has been with Porsche since 2014. With hundreds of sales under his belt, he really takes the time to get to know each and every client and assist them with all of their Porsche needs from sales to service.  His favorite model is the GT4, and his favorite color is Carmine Red.  In his spare time, Darrin can be found relaxing at the beach or hiking Runyon Canyon with his puppy, Herbie.


Matthew Anthony

Matthew Anthony | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Matthew has been in the automotive industry since 1992 working predominantly for sports car manufacturers in Central London until 2015. Moving to California with his family in 2015, he started working for Maserati and Alfa before he joined Porsche South Bay late 2017. Porsche is an unrivalled fit for this lifelong fan of motorsports and (self-professed) expert in anything Formula 1. When not at work Matthew spends time playing bad golf alongside his wife and supporting his son's football ambitions from the sidelines.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Sabino Garcia

Sabino Garcia | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Sabino has been with Porsche since 2012. He originally started his career in Newport Beach and has worked with other luxury brands Bentley and Maserati. His Passion for the Porsche brand runs deep. He is fluent in English and Spanish. Visit him at Porsche South Bay to get the best experience you've ever had buying a car.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Adriana Vallecillo

Adriana Vallecillo | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Adriana has a winning smile and a passion for Porsche that rivals anyone in the business. Originally from San Diego she came to the South Bay and has worked for the LACarGuy group since 2014. A true professional, product expert and great resource to help you drive home the Porsche of your dreams.  When she’s not working here, try to catch her driving her own Macan GTS!  

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Fred Vand

Fred Vand | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Fred started in the car business in 1997 as a salesperson, moving his way up into management. He's been with the LAcarGUY organization since 2007 working primarly at Audi Pacific. He looks forward to helping new clientele here at Porsche South Bay, formerly known as Pacific Porsche.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Richard Presley

Richard Presley | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Richard is one of Porsche South Bay's (formerly Pacific Porsche) senior salespeople and has an enthuiastic following of Porsche fans. Rich has been part of the Porsche family since he was a teenager when he bought his uncle's 71' 911 and has been a Porsche purist ever since. In a past life Rich was the lead Guitarist for the Breeders, an alternative rock band of some fame in the 90's which gives him a unique perspective. Rich has the experience and the outgoing personality that will make your Porsche puchase a truely memorable experience.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Yuvi Chavan

Yuvi Chavan | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Yuvi is a computer engineer with a passion for cars and music.  Born and raised in India, in the US since 2008, Yuvi has been working in the hospitality industry since the age of 23 with an aspiring career in customer service and sales, which come naturally to Yuvi.   He started his career in automobile sales in 2013 with Ford, moving to Range Rover and Jaguar, until getting his dream position with Porsche. 'I feel like I finally found my home at Porsche South Bay' says Yuvi. 'If you are looking for a guy who is not here to sell you a car but help you buy a car, come ask for me'.

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email:

Stefanie Holstegge

Stefanie Holstegge | Customer Experience Manager

Stefanie, like many of Porsche's amazing cars hails from Stuttgart, Germany. She will greet you with a smile and make you feel at home immediately. She excels at the customer experience. If you'd like to know the correct pronunciation of a German word, just ask!

Phone: 310.891.2100 • Email: