The New Porsche Cayman GT4


Rebels, this is your race car!

The Porsche Cayman is already seen as the purist's sports car of today. It reminded one of a 911 of years gone by. Others say it is sacrilege to supplant the Cayman in the face of one of the world’s greatest cars.

However, the Cayman is simply following the trajectory of its big brother. There is proof of this. In fact, one might say that this model alone would forge the Cayman’s own legacy.

Introducing the Porsche Cayman GT4.

The GT4 not only adds to the Cayman’s legacy – it sets a new standard among sports car of its kind. The GT4 is now the fastest, quickest and the most track-focused mid-engined Porsche ever made.

The heart of the GT4 is naturally-aspirated 3.8liter Boxer six-cylinder engine. It is now rated at 385 horsepower at 7400 RPM. Not only is the horsepower rating astounding, this is also one of the highest revving Porsches ever created for road use. The result is a top speed of 183 MPH with a 0-60MPH time of 4.2 seconds.

The GT4 only comes with a six-speed manual gearbox – perfect for the enthusiast to tackle both road and track. There are no turbochargers and all-wheel drive – just pure open performance.

The Cayman’s body has been massaged for optimal airflow management. The front end has been creased, folded and molded for better air flow management. There is a new central air intake found at the front luggage lid to send greater flow for better engine cooling. A new fixed rear wing is designed to keep the GT4 on the ground out back – including a Gurney flap and sideplates that are tuned with the air.

All four corners get wider fenders to maintain side stability to protect the wheels from adverse air buffeting. The finishing piece out back is a black diffuser and rear apron, crowned with dual exhaust ports pronouncing its raw sound to the world. The GT4 sits 30mm lower than all other Caymans for limiting underbody airflow and a lower center of gravity inducing maximum stability and grip. Twenty-inch wheels finish the GT4’s performance look.

Autodesk VRED Professional 2014 SR1-SP7

Yellow is the color that makes the GT4 what it is inside. Yellow trim is all around – including the needles on the instrumentation. The center tachometer is set in a titanium finish to heighten the excitement towards driving the GT4. The rest of the interior is finished in black – leather and Alcantara denote the feel of the GT4. Platinum gray stitching completes the look of the GT4 as a place where the business of driving is executed.

How much does a Cayman GT4 cost? Pricing starts at $84,600.

Southern Californians love their Porsches. Their motto is simple: The faster, the better. The GT4 is one Porsche that will be seen on the streets soon enough – as well as taking hot laps at Willow Springs or any local motorsports venue. There may be one or a few going further up on the Pacific Coast Highway soon enough.

To get one, all one has to do is ask. Besides, there is a rebel inside that needs to get out. The GT4 is the machines were "rebels, race on."