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Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty Rewards for Porsche Owners 

End of Lease Loyalty Rewards

Are you a current lessee for any 2013-2015 Panamera, 911 or Cayenne?  You may be eligible to waive your payments up to 12 months*.  Please contact your Porsche South Bay brand ambassador today for more details.

Qualifications include:

  • Eligible customers must lease or finance a new MY16/17 Porsche vehicle
  • Payments waived are determined by the customer’s existing vehicle (model year and model type)
  • Term of existing PFS lease agreement must be equal to or greater than 24 months
  • Past due payments are not eligible and will not be waived


  • MY13 Mid Engine 911 (991 & 997)
  • MY13 Cayenne Models
  • MY13 Panamera
  • MY14 Mid Engine 911
  • MY14 Cayenne Models
  • MY14 Panamera
  • MY15 Mid Engine 911
  • MY15 Cayenne Models
  • MY15 Panamera

Please ask your Porsche South Bay brand ambassador for more information to see if you qualify for waived payments and more.


*Available when leasing or financing any model year New or PACPO Porsche through Porsche Financial Services.

  • Contracted term on existing PFS lease agreement must be 24 months or above to be eligible for the program
  • Single Pay Lease Agreements are not eligible
  • Customer whose payments are greater than $2,500 (net of use tax) are eligible to receive the $2,500 maximum. Payment amounts above the maximum must be paid including any applicable use tax on the amount paid
  • Only one End of Term Lease Loyalty Program offer per eligible PFS account
  • Vehicles must meet the standard PFS vehicle eligibility requirements of the PFS Lease/Retail Finance Program as applicable and/or the specific vehicle eligibility requirements of the finance or lease program utilized.

PLEASE NOTE: The program is only applicable for scheduled payments on the existing lease agreement due on or after the new PFS contract date. Past due payments are ineligible to receive a waiver and must be paid per the existing PFS contract obligation. If no payments are due, the PFS End of Term Lease Loyalty Program is not applicable.



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