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Buying a Pre-Owned Sports Car


Does any automotive fantasy burn more brightly than owning a sports car? The joys of being one with a responsive machine on a challenging road are too numerous to describe in the space we have here. Let’s just say they are very good things OK? On the other hand, most new sports cars are pretty pricey. Buying a pre-owned sports car can be a good idea, if approached carefully and with common sense.

Because these cars are designed to be driven briskly, you’ll need to examine them carefully when buying a used one. Toward this end, the availability of service records is a definite plus. You’ll want to make sure the car was maintained properly, as this will go a long way toward ensuring trouble free motoring.

A vehicle history report is also a wise move. The good ones will tell you how many previous owners the car has had, whether it was serviced at a dealer, how many miles per year it was driven, and other very useful information. It will also tell you if the car has a salvage title, or whether it was ever exposed to a flood or some other debilitating disaster. Reading between the lines on a vehicle history report can also provide you with some useful insights. For example, let’s say you see on the history report the car is a 2005 model and was initially sold at a dealer New Orleans, flood damage might be an issue.

One significant advantage of buying a pre-owned sports car is its fan base. Cars like these tend to have passionate groups of people communicating with one another in forums on the Internet – in particular, Porsche owners and enthusiasts. Perusing the forums around the car of your interest, you’ll likely learn its quirks and how other owners have dealt with them. You’ll find out which model years are most reliable, you’ll get clued in to the best mechanics around, and best of all, you’ll get a very solid idea of what life with the car is really like.

When considering this, another solid piece of advice is to generally buy the newest example of the car you can comfortably afford. And finally, whenever you are buying a used sports car, a thorough inspection by a qualified mechanic—one well versed in the car of your choice—is a good way to ensure your dream doesn’t become a nightmare.

 This is why Porsche South Bay does not compromise when reselling our inventory of pre-owned Porsches and other sports car we receive in on trade. We thoroughly inspect and road test our inventory before it is presented for sale. The customer will have the opportunity to have their choice of pre-owned sports car inspected independently, but our mechanics and appraisers are also available for further consultation.

See our inventory and be ready to fulfill that dream.