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Expertise Spanning 6 Decades and On

Porsche is further expanding its Classic expertise. Selected Porsche Centres are or will become Porsche Classic Partners. Experienced experts will be available to answer any questions you may have, and your classic vehicle will be in good hands.


Restoration & Modification Services

Our goal is to retain the authenticity of your Porsche. From a technical perspective, this is a real balancing act, because we use original special tools, body frame gauges and data sheets. And we work in a workshop full of high-tech equipment. For example, we offer a cathodic dip coating bath for the best possible corrosion protection – as well as our own upholstery shop.


Team Qualifications

In order to meet all customer requirements, our specially trained staff, attractive customer areas and workshops with the latest equipment are available to deal with all aspects concerning your Porsche.We guarantee you competent advice and support, as well as high-quality service and repairs.

Why You Should Make Porsche South Bay Your Porsche Classic Center

Porsche South Bay is proud to be you're California Porsche Classic Dealer. We offer a variety of professional restoration services, resto-modding, and classic inventory. Come check out what Porsche South Bay can do for you!